Corona nieuws vanuit Stork
afbeelding bij Corona nieuws vanuit Stork
Praktische tips om het risico op verspreiding te minimaliseren Om ervoor te zorgen dat we 'Safer Together' blijven, doen we een beroep op iedereen om extra op je gezondheid en persoonlijke hygiëne te letten en de volgende maatregelen te nemen om jezelf en jouw collega's te beschermen. At the bottom of this message is an English version.
• Praktische voorzorgsmaatregelen om verspreiding van infecties te voorkomen: Zoals met alle infectieziekten, is goede persoonlijke hygiëne de beste manier om verspreiding hiervan te voorkomen. 
1.Was je handen vaak en grondig 
Maak je handen nat onder stromend water 
Verdeel zeep over je handen, vingertoppen en tussen je vingers 
Wrijf grondig gedurende 20 seconden je ingezeepte handen 
Spoel je handen goed af 
Droog je handen met papieren doekjes, ook tussen je vingers 
2. Hoesten en niezen
Gebruik een tissue voor mond en neus als je moet niezen of hoesten. Gooi dit weg en was gelijk je handen. Als je geen tissue hebt, nies of hoest dan in je elleboog en niet met je hand voor de mond. 
3.Vermijd nauw contact  
Schud geen handen met collega’s of externe bezoekers.  
4. Meer advies over het beschermen van jezelf en anderen tegen dit virus en wat te doen als wel ziek wordt kun je vinden op de vraag & antwoordpagina van het RIVM ( 

• Keer je terug uit of ben je door een land gereisd dat is aangemerkt als risicogebied?  Als je terugkeert uit of door een land bent gereisd dat is aangemerkt als risicogebied en je hebt gezondheidsklachten, volg de instructies van het RIVM (  

• Ben je in contact geweest met iemand bij wie na medisch onderzoek het virus is vastgesteld? Als je in contact bent geweest met iemand bij wie, na medisch onderzoek, het virus is vastgesteld, en je hebt zelf klachten, volg dan de instructies van het RIVM ( 

• Wat te doen als jij je zorgen maakt over je eigen gezondheid? Als jij je zelf niet goed voelt, of je zorgen maakt of je bent blootgesteld aan het coronavirus, is het belangrijk dat je de instructies van het RIVM opvolgt ( 

Blijf veilig en gezond! 

The government has decided that as of Monday March 16, all schools and restaurants in the Netherlands are closed. Colleagues who are unable to find suitable care for their children as a result of this measure and are therefore forced to stay at home should, in consultation with their manager, find another solution, for example by taking vacation days or unpaid leave. Working from home is only possible if work allows this and if a full working day is actually completed at home (caring for children is not working from home). 
In order to minimize the risk of contamination at our Stork locations, we have decided to take additional measures around our canteens. This means that from Tuesday March 17: - No more food & drinks are distributed in the canteens where this normally happens. In this way,   contamination cannot be transmitted by everything that is touched and used by several people (for   example, the ladle to serve). Be prepared for this and bring your own food & drinks. Do not go to   places to get your meal during your break because any additional contact poses a potential risk of   contamination. - Breaks are spread to limit the number of colleagues who are in a canteen at the same time. Call to everyone is to ALWAYS wash your hands with soap and water before going into a canteen and ensure   that there is always a minimum distance of 2 meters between you and other colleagues who are in the canteen. Urgent advice is not to use common facilities such as microwaves, cutlery, plates and cups. 
Below you will find an overview of all measures & advice that apply to us in addition to those just mentioned. Read them carefully and follow them up. We actively inform you as soon as there are new relevant developments.   • Until April 6th, no participation in meetings with more than 100 people. Participation in smaller    meetings (20-100 people) only if strictly necessary and with the explicit prior permission of the MT    member of your business unit. Limit meetings to 20 participants as much as possible and preferably replace them with Skype or conference calls. 
• No new training courses will be scheduled until further notice if not absolutely necessary performing work such as hoisting certificates. For already planned trainings, it will be determined per training whether or not it will take place. If the training does not take place, the participants will be informed. Without notice, planned trainings will continue as usual. 
• In line with government policy, we encourage employees to work from home as far as work allows this and always in consultation with the manager. 

 • If you suffer from a cold, coughing, sore throat or fever, the advice is to work from home if your work allows this and to avoid social contacts until you’ve recovered. However, working from home is not an option for many of our activities. Colleagues whose activities allows to do so must consult their direct manager about home working and any other activities that can be taken up. If there is decided to work from home, share this via 
• Business trips critical for the business to a risk area (look for an up-to-date overview on the website of your local Center of Disease Control (CDC)* are only allowed after permission from the President of Stork, Taco de Haan. What is classified as a risk area can change from day to day. Therefore, keep in mind that there are possible restrictions for other countries. If you are in doubt about the development of the situation, ask your question via 
• Business trips that are critical for the business to areas with contamination that have not (yet) been designated as a risk area are only allowed after permission from me. You can send your request to me via 
• Traveling to risk areas for private purposes can have the following consequences:   
- You are partially or completely uninsured   
- As Stork, we cannot allow you to enter your workplace for 14 days after your return, during which time you become absent labeled as vacation in line with HR policy. 
• Everyone who has a meeting with an external visitor immediately informs the visitor about our measures and advice regarding the Coronavirus. In addition, visitors, once at one of our locations, adhere to our requirements for (hand) hygiene. You can use the flyer attached to this e-mail to inform your visitors. 
• Do not shake hands with colleagues or external visitors. 
• To ensure that contamination has as little chance as possible, our locations are being cleaned more extensively.  
Questions and information If you have any questions or need more information with regard to the Coronavirus and your specific situation, please contact your manager, who will be able to signpost you to further support. General questions you can ask via the e-mail address You will receive a quick response or will be contacted by phone. First check the frequently asked questions & answers on StorkConnect or the publications boards at your location to see if your question has already been answered there. Also follow the information published by the local authorities and the CDC agencies. If we have news or if we need to adjust the policy, you will hear from us. So keep an eye on your mail and the information boards and inform each other. Attached you will find practical tips to minimize the risk of spreading. 
Stay healthy & safe!